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Choose from our range of credit card payment machines to get the best solutions for your business

Our credit card processing machines:

Countertop wired

Ideal for serving customers at the counter.

•  Compact design
•  Broadband or phone connection
•  Fast receipt printing

Portable machine

Convenient for table customer payments.

•  Long battery life
•  Lightweight, compact design
•  50m bluetooth/wifi range

Mobile terminals

Ideal for payments on the go.

•  Compact design
• GPRS built in
•  Long battery life

Countertop wired payment machines

These machines have a static location and are normally placed next to your till. They are often cheaper to rent and have many of the features provided by other machines such as allowing you to print receipts as well as taking contactless payments, and Android and Apple Pay.

However, they are limited by the need for a broadband connection and its own power socket, as well as being less flexible for at-table payments.

credit card payment machines

Portable credit card machines

These payments machines allow the terminal to be taken to the customer as long as this is within 50m of the base unit. Receipts can be printed directly from the portable terminal and all our providers have contactless payments, Android pay and Apple pay enabled as standard. These machines use a Bluetooth connection, and simply charges back in its base unit in between uses.

credit card payment machines

Mobile credit card terminals

Are you a mobile business who travels to see their customers? A mobile credit card terminal lets you take payments from them there and then, face to face. No more relying on invoices or cash.

They are similar to mobile card readers except for price and contract term. These machine work anywhere that has a mobile signal. That means that you can accept credit and debit cards anytime, anywhere in the UK, helping make things easier for you.

credit card payment machines